søndag den 26. april 2009

News in English

First of all, welcome to our readers from NYC - hi T & A - how are you? I'll write this entry in English for you guys (sorry for any spelling mistakes, my maternity leave seems to have had an impact on my language skills).

I am now sewing much these days. Being back at work seems to take all my energy, also in the evening... And the little energy I have left, I use at planning wedding. The good news is that allmost everything is under control. And we have finally found someone to take care of junior during the day/night. I tried on the dress for the last time Tuesday this week. I took a few pictures with my mobile phone, but that has got to wait. Anders has not seen the final dress, and will not for another two weeks.

While I touch upon the wedding theme; I was on bachelorette party last Saturday. I had a blast of a day; rappelling down 35 meters, balancing on a line 37 meters above the ground, relaxing in a spa and spending time with good friends.

Anders thought it was his turn yesterday, when I woke him up with a letter saying he immediately had to go to Skt. Hans torv. There we had arranged with a bartender to give him a large draft beer and a Gammel Dansk, which he was to drink before he got further instructions. And then he was sent home again. Never in my entire live have I seen such a disapointed man enter our door... But I know his friends have arranged the best day for him, so it's OK.

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  1. hahahah oh poor Anders coming home all sad - I can picture him and that makes me sad too!

    Thanks SO much for the news in English :) Although I do try to read what you are writting in Danish -someday hopefully I will get there!

    Can't wait to see you, Anders and Junior in two weeks!

    Much love,


  2. hahaha, gid jeg havde fundet paa det, det er jo love, LOVE